Lush is a Cocktail Application with a Large Menu of Drink Recipes

 - Jun 20, 2018
Good cocktail applications are hard to find but not nonexistent. Lush is a drink mixing mobile app that boasts a user-friendly interface and a massive catalog of boozy goodness. The product is not only convenient but it is also incredibly educative and inspirational. For one, the cocktail application's simple design and custom-made patterns and clip art allow the user to get a better understanding of common mixology proportions. In addition, Lush offers up hand-picked lists for any occasion — from boozy brunches to wild girl's nights.

Users can also use the app and select only the ingredients they have on hand or the ones they want to use. The cocktail application is definitely a whimsical and informative way to DIY mixed drinks that will surely elevate the bartending skills of both experienced and novice users.