- Feb 14, 2019
This list of dating app examples gives one a clear trajectory of the romantic social tendencies of contemporary society. As Singles Awareness Day is on February 15th, it might be a good idea to take a browse through this eclectic list and find a hyper-targeted dating app that is relevant to you.

There is really an abundance of romance-empowering applications on the market and some of them cater to a niche audience. Instances of this include 'LUXY' for the Bitcoin-savvy, 'Pheramor' for those who prefer to rely on science, 'Dig' for individuals with pets and 'Crown' for competitive spirits.

Other dating app examples are less about meeting someone and more about entertainment and social good — from the Timber app that matches tree lovers with trees to Dare's application that boasts the adoption of cats.

From Hyper-Local Dating Updates to Text-Only Queer Dating Platforms: