The Updated Lively App Hopes Users Will Connect Over Live Video Trivia

 - Mar 14, 2018
References: golivelyapp & mashable
Zoosk Labs is taking inspiration from HQ Trvia and will be changing its video dating app into an updated Lively. The current version of Lively, launched in 2016, gives users the ability to connect to random people via live video chat—but this new version is focusing on connections made through live trivia groups. The switch to live trivia was done because Zoosk found that users were having trouble making comfortable conversation through randomized video chat. The hope is that this updated Lively will organically start conversation and will help build connections in a fun and interactive way.

Games on the updated Lively will happen at 3 PM PST and 7 PM PST, but unllike HQ, users will not have to arrive on time to play. Instead, there is a 30-minute window in which users can join, and since there is no prize involved, teams will not be knocked out for incorrect answers. Once the game has finished, teams can check their rankings in relation to other groups. When games are not in session, users can continue to use the app's random live video chat element, and can message friends made in trivia sessions.