- Mar 25, 2018
In the same way that many 90s styles have made a comeback in the world of fashion, many of the top March 2018 mobile ideas reflect a consumer desire to reconnect to this period in the past. Although some phone styles quickly became obsolete in their time, a number of smartphone manufacturers are now reviving popular styles with updated technology. Some of the best examples of this come from Nokia, including its affordable new Nokia 3310, which takes the form of a button phone, as well as the Nokia 8110, also known as the "banana phone" that was popularized by The Matrix films.

While many technology brands are in the process of pulling inspiration from nostalgic designs of the past, a number of other companies are looking forward by introducing four-camera smartphones and other innovations that enable the average consumer to capture professional-quality content.

From Revamped 90s Phones to Bezel-Less Smartphones: