One Green Planet's 'Food Monster' App Features Over 10,000 Recipes

'Food Monster' is an app that was created by One Green Planet that's ideal for vegans who are constantly in search of new recipes to satisfy any cravings that might arise. The app can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets, and One Green Planet offers a free trial that allows users to see just how often a paid subscription will come in handy.

Through the app, users can access over 10,000 recipes, with 10 new ones added every day. In order to make the browsing process easier, and to ensure that the recipes one finds suit their specific dietary needs, they can choose from over 600 category filters that narrow things down. The app features hi-def photos as well, and allows users to save their favorite recipes and add notes to them for future reference.

The monthly Food Monster subscription costs just $1.99, or consumers can get a year's access for $20.