- Aug 2, 2018
Flexitarian consumers who choose to eat plant-based products for health reasons or moral purposes—rather than their aversion to meat—are driving the demand for novel, hyperrealistic food products. Some of the best examples of this include imitation meats with textures, high protein contents, traits such as the ability to "bleed" beetroot juice and sizzle on the barbecue.

While there are many meatless products and vegan-friendly snacks that are labeled to appeal to vegetarian and vegan consumers, some brands are taking boldly different approaches to branding. Standout examples include MorningStar Farms launching a 'Veggie Lovers Vegan Burger,' as well as a 'Meat Lovers Vegan Burger' and Outstanding Foods' Pigless Bacon Chips, which are said to have been developed with the omnivore's palate in mind.

These Plant-Based Products Emphasize Protein and Texture: