The Nanocase Phone Case Prolongs Battery Life Without Extensions

 - Feb 9, 2018
References: nanocase & digitaltrends
The Nanocase phone case uses a unique material to prolong the battery life of smartphones. The Nanocase presents itself in a very simple design, and lacks any large battery packs. There are no extra batteries and no special forms of charging. Instead, the Nanocase uses uses a unique material, known as graphene to better conduct the heat dissipated on the phone. Graphene is already known to conduct heat 10 times more efficiently than copper and its use in the phone case can potentially extend the battery life by up to 20 percent.

Temperature often causes acute fluctuations in battery life, therefore getting rid of any excess heat will keep phones running at peak performance. The Nanocase phone case uses the heat conducting properties of graphene to keep phones running at optimal temperatures. The lining of the case is coated in the unique material allowing for total coverage and peak performance. The case is currently available for the iPhone X, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus.

Image Credit: Digital Trends, Nanocase