- Dec 15, 2018
These mobile accessory gifts are perfect for smartphone junkies who are looking to improve their camera, protect their device from everyday tumbles, charge it more conveniently, or just make it look more interesting .

For those who are concerned about privacy, the Bungajungle 'Nope' is a great option for blocking a smartphone or laptop's mic. The simple device works by tricking the smartphone or laptop into thinking that an external mic is already plugged in, which then prevents hackers from being able to access equipment and listen in. Working to the same end is the 'SpyBye' case, which offers protection against hackers by covering the front and back cameras on a smartphone.

Also included is the 'Fidj' accessory, which can be stuck onto the back of a smartphone to function as a fun fidget toy. In addition, it can be set to light up in response to games and music, making the experience more interactive.

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