Google Chromecast is an Affordable Way to Updrade Any TV

 - Oct 30, 2018
Many consumers have the desire to switch to a smart TV for the added convenience, however the hassle and cost of doing so can be enough to deter them -- but with Google Chromecast, the switch to a more user-friendly and modern experience is easier than ever.

At just $45, Google Chromecast is a much more affordable option, and can be installed in a matter of seconds -- all consumers need to do is plug it into the HDMI port of their current TV. With a sleek rounded design, minimal branding, and a subtle charcoal colorway, Google Chromecast blends into any home seamlessly.

Once Google Chromecast is set up, consumers can download the compatible app on their smartphone and then cast what's on their screen onto the TV by hitting the cast button. This includes content from over 1,000 different apps and services.

While the phone is casting onto the TV, it can still be used for its normal purposes as well. When Google Chromecast is linked to a Google home, it can also be used to display visuals to answers, which is great for checking stocks, looking at the weather, getting updates on game scores, and much more.