From Mouse-Shaped Smart Home Devices to Mail-In Repair Services

 - Nov 30, 2018
The November 2018 mobile trends cover a number of different smartphones, accessories, apps, and more that are designed to provide consumers with a more convenient lifestyle, while competing with others in the market by promoting new features and updates that aim to edge out similar devices.

Recently unveiled was Google's new Pixel 3, which uses Android 9 Pie and Google Assistant to operate. This makes it easy to access the smartphone's many features. On top of that, the Pixel 3 boasts one of the best cameras on the market, and even has an innovative feature called 'Top Shot' that recommends the best shot taken out of a series. This is great for group selfies or motion shots. In addition to the Pixel 3, Google also launched a wireless charger to accompany it. Unlike other wireless chargers, the Pixel Stand holds the phone upright so that it can work as a smart display while its powering up.

Also featured are useful apps like HeyBryan, which connects consumers with vetted home service professionals. This enables consumers to quickly access local help at competitive prices and check reviews. On the other end, it provides home service professionals with a new outlet where they can have more independence and choose the jobs they work on. Another featured app is Dare's 'This is Scare,' which boasts a swiping system that's similar to Tinder. Rather than matching users with a date however, it works to rehome black cats, who are adopted less frequently than other breeds.