'Ghostbusters World' is a New Location-Based Augmented Reality Game

Pokémon GO set a new bar for location-based augmented reality mobile gaming and new apps like 'Ghostbusters World' have the potential to see the same kind of success.

While there have been countless Ghostbusters games launched over time, this new mobile app developed by Four Thirty Three gives players the opportunity to open their real-life surroundings to ghosts. With the latest augmented reality technology and the Google Maps API, Ghostbusters World lets players hunt ghosts in the real world.

The app features a new original story, as well as old favorites like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, plus the chance for players to team up for multiplayer raids and player-versus-player battles with friends. Due to the technology used to power the game, Ghostbusters World is available for select devices with iOS 8 or higher.