- Dec 1, 2018
Gaming is often looked upon as an isolating or anti-social way to spend one's time, however this list of November 2018 games ideas shows some of the ways in which the industry is leveraging this medium to offer new experiences, to help consumers cope with mental illness and to teach empathy.

More than just entertainment, video games provide the perfect environment to completely immerse a player into a narrative, and when that narrative speaks to someone else's lifestyle, the end result can offer user's a more open and empathetic point of view. An example of this is a game dubbed "One Night, Hot Springs" which highlights a common choice members of the trans community have to make.

Video games can also serve as power tools for self-exploration, and this becomes apparent with 'Only Shadows' -- a video game inspired by the PTSD often experienced by war veterans.

From Empathetic Experiences to Ergonomic Gaming Chairs: