'One Night, Hot Springs' Showcases Transgender Life in Japan

 - Oct 16, 2018
References: npckc.itch.io & theverge
Video games can serve as a powerful tool for experience and 'One Night, Hot Springs' uses this ability to showcase what it's like to be transgendered in Japan. Serving as a visual novel/indie game, One Night, Hot Springs puts players in the shoes of Haru, a 19-year-old transgender woman in Japan. The conflict arises when Haru must decide what she will do when on a visit to a hot springs resort, which traditionally separates patrons by binary genders.

Throughout the game, players will need to make choices on Haru's behalf. These choices tend to fall into two categories: Haru being anxious or Haru being honest. Either choice will lead to different outcomes, with several choices affecting the end of the story. While the game does not fully showcase what it means to be transgender, it does offer an empathetic insight into the struggles trans people face in Japan.