From Educational Connected Toys to Modular Eco Strollers

 - Nov 11, 2018
These November 2018 Life Stages trends range from compact direct-to-consumer baby products to mobility-granting wearable devices. When it comes to the month's kid-friendly innovations, e-retailer OMY stands out. OMY is best known for its selection of creative DIY craft kits and adorable party decor that is also customizable. Its color-in party cups are a particular crowd favorite and are a best-seller featuring playful graphics that are easy to personalize. The cups are part of its broader party decor range of coloring book-themed baloons, loot bags, greeting cards and more.

The month's Boomer and senior-centric innovations to note include the MyoPro Myoelectric Arm, an intelligent wearable device that is designed to help restore movement among those with limited mobility. The device is gently attached to parts of one's body, boasting the ability to effectively read nerve signals one one's skin, targeting those dealing with neuromuscular issues.

Anti-smartphone board games, voice-activated wellness apps and wellness-themed candy snacks round off this list and speak to Millennial consumers' growing desire for both physical and mental well-being that is easily incorporated into their daily routine.