Scrabble Space Edition is Ready for Use by Astronauts

 - Oct 31, 2018
References: spacescrabble & coolmaterial
The buzz surrounding interplanetary travel and an increased interest in space exploration has reinvigorated consumer intrigue regarding heading into outer space, so brands like Mattel are taking notice with new products like Scrabble Space Edition.

The space-ready board game is designed for zero-gravity environments thanks to the magnetic construction to keep the pieces in place. This makes it perfect for use in spaceships, which is often recommended by psychologists to keep astronauts sane when spending extended periods of time in space.

The Scrabble Space Edition board game is demurely styled with a monochrome aesthetic that makes it highly applicable for placement in stylish homes. The game also speaks to the increasing number of adult consumers looking to board games as a family friendly form of entertainment.