- Dec 16, 2018
Perfect for binge watchers or loyal week-to-week viewers, this list of gift ideas for TV show fanatics outlines some of the most exciting product offerings that have drawn inspiration from this year's most popular series.

Riverdale was a huge hit this year, and with its success came numerous products associated with the show. One of the show's stars Madelaine Petsch debuted a sunglasses line that embodied the character's flare for the dramatics, while a Riverdale edition of Clue was released for those looking to further immerse themselves in the mystery.

The revival of the Golden Girls was another popular topic, and while numerous apparel lines created collections to pay homage to the nostalgic show, others released hot sauces and cereals that were inspired by the series and its lovable cast members.

From Homer Simpson Sweaters to Golden Girl Hot Sauces: