- Jan 26, 2019
Toys have evolved far beyond simple building blocks and figurines and this list of 2018 toy trends showcases how technology, education, and innovation are rapidly disrupting the toys children and adults interact with.

Cooking-based toys have been around for quite some time and while imagination was usually driving the fun with these toys, '4D Chef' is hoping to change that with a more immersive experience. Taking advantage of VR technology, 4D Chef offers interactive elements that introduce various recipes to kids. The VR game will also contain an educational aspect and will teach children various food facts, including why apples turn brown, the difference between unhealthy and healthy fats, and much more.

Also included on this list is a medieval-inspired marshmallow launcher designed for the fun-loving adult. Known simply as the Marshmallow Crossbow, this unique toy is fully handcrafted and is composed of over 99% natural materials. To ensure safety, the Marshmallow Crossbow can only shoot slightly dry regular-sized marshmallows and does not have enough power to cause any injury.

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