The Fidget Spinner Hover Platform Turns the Toy into an Art Piece

 - Mar 17, 2018
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
The fidget spinner was arguably the hottest toy of 2017 and can be found in many schools and offices around the world, so the Fidget Spinner Hover Platform has been developed as a way to turn them into a work of art.

The unit works by allowing users to position their fidget toy on top of a magnetic device that will then levitate above the base when placed in proximity to it. This puts the toy on display without you having to hold it to further enhance the experience when you're looking to reduce your stress level or zone out for a few moments to recenter your focus.

The Fidget Spinner Hover Platform features a geometric aesthetic that is ideal for the office or at home for users aged 14 and up.