- Dec 16, 2018
EDC-focused gifts can include a myriad of various items, thankfully this list includes some of the most innovative and useful items that are sure to be used to its fullest.

Knives are generally the go-to item for most EDC fans and the Kiridashi pocket knife is something that is sure to turn a few heads. Designed as a stripped down pocket knife, the Kiridashi features a rugged aesthetic and is more than capable of tackling a number of tasks. Each knife is made by hand from recycled steel and comes housed in a custom leather sleeve.

Also featured on this list is the 'Anywhere Tools' modular EDC system. Featuring a fully customizable design, this unique EDC item lets users decide exactly what they need and what they want to carry with them. Each tool is featured on a module that can be easily connected to one another to create a multipurpose instrument.

From Discreet Lapel Knives to Refined Brass Lighters: