The Evade Clip Can Get Users Out of Any Sticky Situation

 - Feb 22, 2018
References: & yankodesign
Being prepared for every situation is the main focus of TIHK and its Evade Clip is the newest addition to its already impressive EDC roster. Designed to help users escape from any sticky situation, the Evade Clip features a host of tools that can ensure safety and escape from capture. A stainless steel blade is purpose built to cut through the toughest rope and paracords. The carbide tip functions as glass breaker and can easily shatter glass panes in a single strike. The carbide rode can cut through metal padlocks and chains, and the built in 3-piece lockpick set can help break through any lock.

All the features of the Evade Clip are neatly packed into a small package that can easily slid into a pocket. The overall size is 2.56" long x 0.55" wide x 0.49" thick, and weight just 0.3 ounces. The size and weight may make the tool look impractical, but TIHK has carefully designed the tool to be comfortable and practical to use.

Image Credit: TIHK