From Chili-Centric Advent Calendars to Swiss Army Kitchen Tools

 - Dec 3, 2017
Though in English the word chef refers to someone working in a kitchen, its literal translation in French is "chief", and these gifts for the chef let one's food-obsessed friends and family members know that they're the ones in charge.

There are plenty of ways to gift a chef, from the tools that they can use to the ingredients on which they put those tools to use. In terms of implements, one of the most interesting on this list is the Gentlemen’s Hardware kitchen multi-tool, which is like a Swiss army knife, but for the kitchen. it contains two different graters, a peeler, a serrated knife, a chef's knife, and other convenient kitchen utensils all within the same frame.

For ingredients, chefs aught to check out the Moroccan cooking sauces developed by chef Mina Kallmani, which include shakshuka and harissa.