Goûte is an Eating Utensil That Mimics the Licking of One's Fingers

 - Feb 14, 2017
References: michelfabian & digitaltrends
Goûte is an eating utensil that is meant to remind one of the experience of eating without cutlery. This eating tool is an attempt to recreate the joy, intimacy and sensory enhancement that comes with eating creamy foods from the finger.

Designer Andreas Fabian and chef Charles Michel worked together on the development of the unique utensil. The device takes the form of a finger-shaped wand made from wither glass or wood. As the project's creators describe, the design process was initiated by "3D-printing a scanned finger, and giving it a handle."

The properties of Goûte draw from a 2013 study from Vanessa Harrar and Charles Spence, which suggests that utensils are a key part of the experience of enjoying food. Preliminary research found that the weight, color, size and shape of a utensil affect the taste of a food and can potentially reshape a person's perceptions on a product's price.