The General's Hot Sauce Correlates Itself to an Explosion of Spicy Heat

 - Oct 14, 2017
References: generalshotsauce & gearhungry
The General's Hot Sauce consists of three kinds of Louisiana hot sauce that is guaranteed to spice up whatever meal you're cooking or enjoying to ensure that it always tastes as fiery as possible. The sauces come in flavors including Dead Red, Marine Green and Shock & Awe, which are all positioned as having different heat levels that are distinctly different and ideal for spicy food fans.

The General's Hot Sauces are packaged to look like grenades to offer a playful aesthetic to consumers that plays on the notion of a spicy explosion of flavor. A percentage of the proceeds that are made from the sauces go towards charity including Paws4Vets, The Mission Continues and the TD Foundation.