- Mar 27, 2018
These DIY artisan food innovations range from mason jar butter churns to gourmet hot sauce kits. Those seeking to create gourmet-inspired recipes at home and at a fraction of the price will fall in love with this handy appliances or cooking kits. The products will not only save users money but also illustrate consumers' ongoing appreciation for maker culture.

Notable appliances that aid with at-home grilling include the Gold Chef Vertical Grill -- a product using infrared heating technology to perfectly grill meat or vegetables -- and the Orion Cooker, an outdoor convection bbq that utilizes steam power in order to ensure meats are never dry but rather juicy and flavorful.

Other DIY artisan food innovations include convenience-focused meal kits that require novice chefs to "just add water" along with DIY bread and popcorn seasoning kits that are holiday-themed.

From Mason Jar Butter Churns to Gourmet Hot Sauce Kits: