John McCambridge's 'Bread Tin Bakery' Brand Turns Consumers into Bakers

To give John McCambridge's existing bread mix kits a fresh new identity, creative agency Brandpoint saw the opportunity to present the DIY bread kits under the name 'Bread Tin Bakery.'

Packaging for the Bread Tin Bakery's products features a fresh, light color scheme and bold visuals to show off the unique qualities of each product. Some of the different types of bread that consumers may make include the Irish Soda Bread, a Hearty White Loaf and even a Gluten-Free variety. Each of these color-coded boxes boasts a distinctive pattern, which is displayed as an all-over print on oven mitt.

The youthful redesign also shows off fun hashtags like #PimpYourLoaf and illustrated step-by-step instructions that are printed on the back of the box.