From Ancient Grain Snack Curls to Unicorn-Inspired Cannoli Desserts

 - Jan 27, 2018
From ancient grain snack curls to unicorn-inspired cannoli desserts, the top 2017 food ideas reveal that consumers remain equally concerned with both the look and the nutritional value of the foods they consume.

On the one hand, the desire for wholesome, unprocessed foods remains strong among health-conscious consumers. This has led to the debut of products such as Simply7's non-GMO Quinoa Curls, Plant Snacks' hearty Cassava Crunch chips, and the That’s it. veggie-backed energy bars.

Of course, the desire for a clean-ingredient label is not the only concern consumers have when it comes to the food they buy. Indeed, the top 2017 food ideas reveal that Instagram-friendly aesthetics remain a key factor when it comes to a product's desirability. This has been most clearly demonstrated by a run of unicorn-inspired dishes, such as Gelso & Grand's Unicornnoli.