'SMUUS' Makes Spicy Fruit & Veggie "Smoothies" for Bread

 - May 29, 2017
References: smuus
When you want to enter a saturated category like fruit jams and spreads in Germany, you should be very creative and bring something new to the table. Negin Pakravesh, the founder of SMUUS, applied a widely popular smoothie concept to a fruit-based spread category.

SMUUS brands itself as a producer of "smoothie for bread" that can be used for more than just toast. You can add these versatile spreads to your burger as a ketchup substitute, make salad dressings, use them as dips, to refine cocktails, add flavor to yogurt or use them as an ice cream topping -- the list is endless.

SMUUS comes in six surprising flavor combinations. Each creation is a mini-adventure and consists of fruit, vegetable and spice combinations like Pineapple, Cucumber & Mint, or Cherry, Pepper & Chili.