- Jun 24, 2017
June 2017 beverage trends reveal unique ingredient innovations, particularly in lattes, as well as innovations surrounding ice cubes and how they are used to make beverages.

Lattes are increasingly becoming a focus in the health food industry – where once they were filled with sugar and unhealthy syrups, they now often offer infusions of healthy and sometimes unlikely ingredients. One such example is the Damson & Co gothic latte, which is an unusual black color and contains the detoxifying ingredient activated charcoal. Another example is the SAKU Tea brand, which offers a variety of lattes that are infused with healthy spices, fruits and vegetables.

The use of ice cubes is also increasingly becoming a focus in the beverage industry, particularly with the summer months approaching. Starbucks' new coffee ice cubes are able to keep the brand's iced coffees cold without watering the beverages down, while UncommonGood's Slow Brew Iced Tea Maker is able to make refreshing cold brew teas with only ice.

From Healthy Gothic Lattes to Coffee Ice Cubes: