The One Drink Origins Drink Line is a Healthier Beverage Option

 - May 10, 2017
References: foodbev
Major soda companies are reportedly seeing a decrease in demand for beverages that are loaded with sugar and unnatural ingredients, so other brands are responding with products like the One Drink Origins drink line.

The One Drink Origins drinks are spring water-based beverages that have been treated with natural, organic flavorings in order to offer a healthy hydration option that's very low in sugar content.

The One Drink Origins flavors includes Hibiscus, Raspberry & Mint, Moringa, Lemon & Lime and Rooibos, Grapefruit & Ginger, which are all intended to offer an adventurous taste experience that's quite different from other options on the prepackaged drink market.

The One Drink Origins drink line comes as the brand's latest product option that will help increase clean water access to those without it.