- Jan 11, 2018
Alcohol can be an amazing thing with complex and developed flavors, but for some, drinking is not an option or is something willfully abstained from -- making these non-alcholic options a great alternative. These products are not just designed with those people in mind, but for everyone looking for a delicious and inventive beverage.

Drinks featured in this list range from non-alcoholic versions of popular liquors to booze-influenced lemonades and coffees. One of the non-alcoholic gins featured on this list, 'Surendran & Bownes,' boasts flavors reminiscent of the actual product along with other tantalizing offerings.

Also featured on this list is a hop-infused cold brew coffee. This innovative idea blends two of the world's most consumed beverages to create a delightfully bitter drink. Reminiscent of an IPA, this cold brew blend may not appeal to everyone, but does take on something new and different.

From Zero Alcohol Gins to Hop-Infused Lemonade: