From Luxury Botanical Waters to Pea Protein Milks

 - Dec 14, 2017
These plant-based beverage innovations range from luxury botanical waters to pea protein milks. While products like SD Watersboten's 'Herbal Table Water' are meant to help uplift and relax drinkers, Bolthouse Farms' plant protein milks are allergen-free and diet-friendly for those following a vegan food plan. The latter example also doesn't skip out on nutrients, providing drinkers with up to 50% more calcium per serving than traditional milk products.

Other standouts include healthier alternatives to sugar-filled soda beverages and juices. Examples like DRY Sparkling's Lavender water can be enjoyed alone or blended in signature cocktails, and let sparkling beverage fans indulge in a sweet drink without the guilt associated with similar, more caloric products.

Algae-based superfood cocktails, and mushroom-infused cold brews round off this list and speak to consumers' growing desire for old-world and alchemic ingredients that are translated to be more mainstream.