'AquaBotanical' is a Beverage Made from Australian Fruit and Vegetables

In an effort to make bottled water a more sustainable product, an Australian company has created a plant-based water called AquaBotanical, which is made from the byproduct of fruit and vegetable concentrate.This eco-friendly beverage is not only sustainable, but it also boasts a smooth taste that is unlike any other bottled water on the market.

AquaBotanical is a plant-based water that uses the naturally occurring water from fruits and vegetables during the production of fruit concentrate. In other words, AquaBotanical repurposes water that would otherwise be wasted to create a more sustainable beverage. Despite the fact that the water comes from fruits and vegetables, the water has a smooth body and silky finish. As a result, the plant-based water can serve as a premium pairing for gourmet foods and fine wines.