Evolution Fresh Launched a New Line of Premium, Functional Beverages

Evolution Fresh—the cold-pressed juice and smoothie brand owned by Starbucks—is now unveiling a line of probiotic smoothies to expand upon its existing collection of premium bottled beverages. The Evolution Fresh Daily Probiotic Smoothies combine a base of coconut milk with cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice to create varieties like Organic Date-licious Greens, Organic Dark Chocolate Orange and Organic Mango Chai. True to the name of new new drink line, probiotics are also a key part of these beverages.

As Evolution Fresh president Ryan Ziegelmann describes: "Our new functional smoothies combine our cold-pressed juices with ingredients with functional benefits like probiotics, fiber and plant-based protein."

Since probiotics offer numerous benefits that go above and beyond just good gut health, many consumers are looking for beverages and snacks enriched with probiotics for convenient on-the-go enjoyment.