'Coffee Love' Blends a Double Shot Espresso with Creamy Coconut Milk

Coffee Love is now introducing an all-natural blend of Arabica coffee with 97% coconut extracts in flavors like Coconut Vanilla Latte, Mochaccino and Coconut Double Shot Espresso. The aromatic blend of coffee and coconut milk makes for a creamy beverage that is ready to drink straight out of the bottle with no pouring or mixing required.

A growing number of consumers are becoming interested in enhancing their coffee beverages with plant-based milk alternatives. Bottled products like these offer consumers an effortless way to get a taste for creamy milk substitutes like cashews, soy, almonds and coconuts. As such, it is becoming common to see RTD lattes and other coffee-based beverages that are enhanced with nut milks and other creamy substitutes for milk.