From High-Fashion VR Headsets to Kid-Friendly VR Cartoons

 - Dec 24, 2017
Many see virtual reality as the future of entertainment — in fact, many see it as the future for a swath of different industries — and the virtual reality gifts here are a testament to that broadness. The gifts shown range both target demographics and industries, with both hardware and content designed to capitalize on the still-growing tech area.

Ironically, many of the virtual reality gifts here require that interested parties go to a set location, like a movie theater or mall, to try out the VR experience in question. Considering that VR is so exceptional precisely because of its ability to take people to entirely new universes without them having to physically move an inch, it's funny that people need to travel in order to use VR in the first place. That said, as the market grows, virtual reality headsets and consoles will become increasingly common household items for the average consumer.