Vivid Vision is Replacing More Traditional Forms of Vision Therapy

 - Oct 13, 2017
References: seevividly & vrfocus
Vivid Vision, a San Francisco-based startup is leveraging virtual reality to help those with visual disorders regain strength in their eyes.

Vision disorders affect about 10% of Americans and can greatly impact one's ability to play sports, drive and even limit career choices. Prior to the application of technology, disorders like Strabismus and amblyopia, more commonly known as crossed eye and lazy eye, were treated with vision therapies such as eye patches or eye drops. It wasn't until recently, when Vivid Vision's founder James Blaha, began applying VR to vision care with successful results, that the potential of the relatively new technology, was recognized.

Vivid Vision aims to leverage virtual reality to create customized and engaging eye-strengthening sessions, that can be practiced at-home or in clinical settings. The technology has been recognized and implemented by over 90 clinics throughout the United States, treating more than 6,000 patients. Vivid Vision's alternative therapy shows promise for the expansion of the vision care platform.