From Luxurious Adult-Only Accommodations to Lifeguard Tower Hotels

 - Jan 21, 2018
From luxurious adult-only hotels to lifeguard tower rentals, the top 2017 travel trends reveal a dramatic rise in the number of niche accommodations available.

With so many childless millennials traveling, there has been an increased demand for adult-only accommodations. One luxurious example is the Grand Portals Nous hotel, situated on the Balearic Islands in Spain. At this high-end hotel for adults, guests have access to a BMW for the duration of their stay, as well as an on-call butler.

However, not all bespoke hotels cater to the child-free. As the 2017 travel trends reveal, many hotels are also looking for ways to accommodate those with specific hobbies and interests. For instance, Disney's new interactive Star Wars Hotel fully immerses guests in the Star Wars universe.