The 'Pacsafe' Anti-Theft Duffle Luggage Bag Ensures Safety When Travelling

Unexpected things can happen when traveling, so the 'Pacsafe' Anti-Theft Duffle Luggage Bag is designed to help you thwart thieves that might be working to steal your things right from you.

The duffle is designed with a slash-proof exterior that will prevent thieves from using knives to quickly access the internal compartment of the bag in order to make off with your valuables.

The 'Pacsafe' Anti-Theft Duffle Luggage Bag features a comfortable shoulder strap and also has detachable backpack straps to enable the bag to be used as a knapsack for quick transportation. The larger version of the duffle is outfitted with wheels in order to make it possible to pull it alongside you if you're feeling fatigue and don't want to physically carry it along with you.