- Jun 28, 2017
Peace of mind is a luxury that's newly accessible to a wider demographic thanks to innovations in anti-theft technology that infuse everyday devices with extra elements of security.

Gone are the days of using a flimsy bike lock and hoping for the best -- cities like Portland are implementing high-tech bike racks that come equipped with smartphone-enabled locks and security cameras, notifying users in real-time if someone touches their bike.

Socially connected purses can detonate at the click of a button, temporarily marking purse thieves with a pink smoke and ensuring they don't slip anonymously into the crowd. Limitless options for travelers exist with backpacks, fanny packs and luggage carriers being designed with slash-proof materials, ensuring the safe-keeping of belongings.

As luxury and convenience becomes more ingrained in our culture, it's easy to forget about the societal dangers waiting to take advantage of our comfort. Anti-theft technology stands as a reminder that the market for products infused with heightened security grows in unison with other smart-tech related industries.

From Bulletproof Backpacks to Smartphone Pocket Locks: