Bikeep Smart Bike Rack Connects to You Phone to Safely Lock Your Bike

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: bikeep & designboom
Bike thievery in major cities is a growing epidemic prompting a San Francisco start-up to develop the Bikeep Smart Bike rack, a sturdy durable bike rack that's connected to your phone. Traditional locks don't stand a chance against a pair of wire cutters, leaving most bike owners helpless in the event of a bike-targeting thief. This smart bike rack features an innovative design which ensures the safe keeping of your ride, while eliminating the need for cyclists to carry around their easily cut locks.

Bikeep is equipped with a sturdy metal frame that comfortably holds your bike in place. A touch activated sensor will notify the bike owner if an unauthorized person is touching their bike, while a camera is set up at each station to deter would be thieves. A simple tap of your connected smartphone, metro pass or 'Bikeep card' will lock the system, also acting as a key to unlock your bike. Photo Credits: designboom, bikeep