'Handbag Dyetonator' Lets Users Mark Purse Thieves with a Text

 - May 10, 2017
References: mashable
Appropriately dubbed the 'Handbag Dyetonator,' this device, which clips onto one's handbag, can catch any purse thief red-handed -- literally. A simple text will allow the Dyetonator to detonate, releasing a color dye and smoke flare. If that doesn't work, the device also comes equipped with a GPS tracking device, which authorities can use to retrieve lost items.

The device was created to combat the recent rise of purse snatchers in Malaysia, often targeting women walking alone. The thieves often act on motorbikes, escaping and quickly blending into a crowd, which leaves the victims with very little time to react, or defend themselves.

The Handbag Dyetonator is an innovative device which provides women and men with more autonomy to walk alone, and will hopefully deter the number of purse-related incidences.