The 'WonderShell' Backpacks Look Like a Superhero's Shield

 - Apr 20, 2017
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
Travelers or commuters who might have concerns over their personal safety when out in the world might be interested in the 'WonderShell' shell backpacks. Boasting a bulletproof design, the 'WonderShell' backpack is designed to look like the shield of a superhero that sits comfortably and stylishly on your back.

The 'WonderShell' backpacks are purported to also have an anti-theft design that ensures your gear will stay safe when you have the pack on your back. The lightweight design of the 'WonderShell' backpack makes it a strong piece of equipment that can be used to keep you safe should trouble break out when you're around.

The 'WonderShell' shell backpacks are purported to withstand immense pressure of 90kg per square meter, which means they can stop a rubber bullet.