- Jan 27, 2018
These 2017 photography trends range from mini social media cameras to selfie GIF generators that aim to make web content more engaging for those consuming it. Seeking to produce high quality images that are both timely and inexpensive, more and more content creators are replacing expensive photo equipment with solutions that are require less expertise, time, and money.

Standouts like the 'Wefie' camera device feature a portable, palm-sized design that is ideal for on-the-go use, while capturing 360 degrees of footage when users are taking a selfie -- replicating the technology of much more complex and costly products.

Additional examples like the 'Gudak' app target lovers of nostalgia with a unique design that mimics disposable cameras. This mobile platform is specially designed to help users achieve the dreamlike, and retro photo quality of disposable cameras and limits users to just 24 shots at a time. Once captured, the shots are sent to a virtual processing lab and take three days to develop, much like a real roll of film.

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From Selfie GIF Generators to Mini Social Media Cameras: