VECTRA Shows What a Procedure Will Look Like on an Individual

 - Aug 11, 2017
References: canfieldsci & popsugar
When many people decide to get a plastic surgery procedure, they have a particular inspiration in mind that they'd like to apply to themselves, but the way a certain feature looks on them might not end up being the same as another person, which is why the VECTRA XT 3D Imaging System was devised.

The high-tech device works by taking 3D models of the areas that the patient would like to adjust, which allows doctors to see every detail so that they can give their patients a good idea of what they'd look like after plastic surgery. If a patient isn't totally happy with what they see, they can "try on" different looks, such as all of the types of breast implants that are on the market.

With the VECTRA XT 3D Imaging System, those looking to get plastic surgery can get a better idea of what their post-op results will be, making for a more positive experience that ensures they get a look that suits their frame.