StyleShoots Live is a Robotic Camera System

 - Feb 22, 2017
References: styleshoots & digitaltrends
The robot revolution has found its way into the world of fashion photography, as Dutch company StyleShoots has developed an artificially intelligent system that can churn out professional-grade fashion photographs and videos with far more efficiency than humans can alone. The system, called StyleShoots Live, consists of a "smart studio" that has all the equipment needed to capture stills and live video, and it uses algorithms to edit that raw footage and film into perfectly presentable images in minutes.

Though the product might sound like the funereal peal for fashion photographers, StyleShoots Live still requires human input. Stylists and photographers need to decide on things like preferred lighting, video styles, the behavior of the models themselves, and other details. The smart studio simply makes it quicker to shoot and edit video and images once the creative decisions have been made.