From Transactional Smart Mirrors to Autonomous Retail Robots

 - Apr 1, 2017
From smart mirrors that allow customers to make in-store purchases to autonomous customer service robots, it is clear that new technology is dramatically altering the face of retail.

On the one hand, smart technology is making it easier than ever for consumers to pay for their purchases in stores. For example, the new retail mirrors from Oak Labs allow customers to make instant purchases via Apple Pay or Android Pay simply by waving their phone.

On the other hand, the March 2017 tech trends reveal that technology is also being used to improve the overall in-store experience. For instance, the home improvement brand Lowe's has created its very own LoweBot to help shoppers navigate the store, find specific items and answer other basic questions. A very different use of retail technology is exemplified by the new WAH London flagship, which includes a VR area where customers can test out different nail art designs and customize their color.