The BeatsX Earphones are Another Option for the New iPhone 7

 - Feb 20, 2017
References: apple & theverge
The BeatsX earphones from Apple were released at an interesting, if slightly unfortunate, time. After Apple dropped the iPhone 7 and news began to spread that the new device had no standard headphone jack, consumers naturally turned to the Air Pods (the wireless earbuds Apple released in conjunction with the iPhone 7) as their primary option. However, the BeatsX earphones came out not long before then, and those wireless headphones are another excellent option.

To be strictly accurate, the BeatsX earphones aren't technically wireless. Like several other Bluetooth headphones on the market, the BeatsX come with a cable that users leave around the back of their necks. As opposed to the completely wireless Air Pods, the advantage of the BeatsX's cable is that it keeps the headphones from skittering away should they fall out of one's ears.