From Rapper Lipstick Lines to Affordable Modular Instruments

 - Dec 24, 2017
These gifts for the music lover cover an expansive selection of merchandise, cosmetics, instruments, headphones, speakers, accessories, and more.

Those who are looking for a unique gift for the music lover who already seems to have everything might find the 'Atari Connected Life Speakerhat' appealing. From the outside, it just looks like a flat-brimmed cap with raised letter branding on the front, however just under the bill of the cap are hidden speakers. These speakers project a high-quality sound that surrounds the ears of the wearer, rather than sending it directly to their ears like a set of headphones would.

A vast range of musician merchandise is included as well, such as the trippy R&B apparel from Jhene Aiko, which celebrates her latest album, 'Trip.' The graphic art on the apparel reflects the theme of the album, with wavy visuals and vivid hues complementing the fronts of hoodies and tees.