The 'Safeplug' Plug Cord Design is Quick and Safe to Remote from Sockets

 - Feb 16, 2017
References: mian-wei & yankodesign
Removing a plug from a socket usually consists of wiggling and pulling in order to do so which can come as a relatively unsafe endeavor, so the 'Safeplug' plug cord design aims to change this.

The 'Safeplug' works by implementing two flaps onto the side portions of the plug that can fold out or fold down, depending on need. When positioned up, the flaps enable the prongs to be pulled out of the socket and retracted into the main assembly of the design. This reduces the need to pull out the cord from the wall and increases overall safety for socket use.

The 'Safeplug' plug cord design is the design work of Mian Wei and makes it far safer to access power.