From Almond-Milking Devices to Indoor Bed Tents

 - Feb 4, 2017
The February 2017 home trends range across industries to offer everything from niche kitchen appliances to heat cost-reducing indoor tents.

Almond Cow is a unique kitchen appliance that is ideal for people who may be lactose intolerant, those who have lactose sensitivities or individuals who avoid dairy for other health reasons. The appliance comes in the form of a steel blender that can make almond milk in approximately 30 seconds, after having almonds soaked in water for at least four hours in it and then blended.

Individuals who are looking to save some money on heat in the wintertime may do well with the DDASUMI Bed Tent. The indoor tent works to keep warm air around the bed and cold air out, ensuring that users are able to stay warm in cold weather without having to crank their heat.